The Best Summer Ever For Someone Looking To Get Ahead in Their Career

People who want to get ahead, don’t take too many breaks. Summer 2020 is for getting ahead.  Take advantage of an opportunity to job shadow, test and improve your skills, develop leadership capabilities, expand your resume and take home a few thousand dollars in scholarships. 

Housing & Meals Provided

First things first – your room is ready and so is your dinner! Summer of DECA housing is a safe, dorm-like living experience with a full cafeteria, free laundry, wifi, cable, and more social amenities than a college campus. 

What will it cost you for a room and three meals a day for 3 months?  Less than $600. Leave your room in great condition and you’ll get $$ back. 

Satisfying Work

Meaningless work is mind-numbing and meaningless, so we’re getting right to the good stuff. The first 6-weeks of your experience are jam-packed with real-life work built around four career areas. As a Summer of DECA member, you’ll find yourself learning with hands-on training, teaching through active work, and leading in customer-facing roles. 

Practice all aspects of your future career in one summer! 

We’ve Got Bonuses 

As a part of the Summer of DECA – you’re going to work hard and learn a lot. This isn’t about to be a leisurely vacation. The expectations will be high and the rewards will be grand, like DECA Conference and ICDC travel reimbursements, core business or leadership libraries, and housing refunds. 

More than an Internship 

Summer of DECA just took your normal internship experience and took it up a notch. Use the first 6-weeks and learn the ropes with free room and board in exchange for 40-hours of meaningful work, then learn from experts on important topics like personal finance, negotiations, sales, productivity, and health for free. 

Did we mention that your summer backyard is the Theodore Roosevelt National Park?  Hiking, photography, mountain biking, camping, star gazing, and horseback riding can be done on the daily. 

Oh, and there’s a Nationally Known Musical and Top 100 Golf Course with your name written all over it. 

This is Summer of DECA

Summer of DECA is an opportunity for collegiate DECA members (incoming college freshman included) to take part in a life-changing, fully submerged 12-week work and life experience with other DECA members from across the world.

Summer of DECA is perfect for members interested in retail merchandising, sales, online marketing, finance, entertainment production, event production and marketing, hospitality, travel and tourism as well as human resources, culinary, and non-profit work.

Participants of Summer of DECA will complete a 12-week program that provides the best of both worlds for members – room and board, paid hours, scholarship awards. and unforgettable life experiences.

Summer of DECA aims to provide a positive life experience that will have a great impact on the community within which they work and enhance the future and career paths of all that partake.

Summer of DECA has partnered with a business organization that provides meaningful work and a good working environment. Summer of DECA begins mid-May and finishes Labor Day weekend and takes place in Medora, North Dakota. 

Summer of DECA is an arm of North Dakota DECA and managed by a Project Director and Project Assistant Director.


250 hours of hands-on work experience matched with your career goals and direction
4 job-shadow experiences
6 Intense courses on personal and professional development


Make friends from around the world
Expand your professional network
Be a part of something
Learn a new hobby
Gain a new outlook on life


300 or more paid work hours with overtime available 
$25,000 in scholarships up for grabs 
Bonuses to enhance your future

Best Summer of Your Life While Getting Ahead