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Work & Play

35 DECA Members will be chosen to participate in the 2020 Summer of DECA Program.

The program is 12 weeks long, has three parts and includes housing!    Internship | Work  |  Life

Want a place to test your skills?

Go to the same place Theodore Roosevelt lived and loved AND credited for his becoming the 26th President of the United States.

Sharpen your skills in sales, hospitality, entertainment marketing, tourism marketing, and finance with an entrepreneurial spirit. Practice all aspects of your future career in one summer!

DECA Members are the overachievers, the leaders, and the adventure seekers. 

We get you. We’re going to challenge your skills and teach you new ones in 12 weeks.




Career Opportunity

Summers are for getting ahead. Use the 2020 summer to work and live in one of America’s most beautiful places, rich with history and overflowing with arts. The 12-week experience will be more than a resume builder. 

– Real Meaningful Work
– Room & Board
– Personal Development
– Professional Development
– Social Activities
– Work With People From Around the World
– Job Shadows
– Eligible for $15,000+ in scholarships
  AND Bonuses!

2020 Summer of DECA

Seeking those who want a career in the following industries: 

tourism marketing. retail. hospitality. entertainment marketing. finance. sales. culinary. small business management. 

Created by DECA Alumni

to give members an opportunity

to test their skills and launch their careers.

I wish I would have another 3 years of college so I could have 3 more summers of DECA! This experience has given me the tools I need both personally and professionally to move into a career ahead of my peers. You’re going to love it! 

Jennifer Fay

College Student , University of Wisconsin

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